On the “Sefirot” Hokhmah and Binah

“The point and the Palace are also primal male and female, each transformed and fulfilled in their union with one another. Energy that radiates from the point of hokhmah is described chiefly in metaphors of flowing light and water and verbal pictures used by the mystics to speak of these most abstract levels of the inner mind. But images of sexual union are never far behind these; the flow of light is also the flow of seed that fills the womb of Bina and gives birth to all the further rungs within the ten-in-one divine structure, the seven lower sefirot.”

-Arthur Green, “A Guide to the Zohar”

Antonio Banderas to Write, Direct and Star in a Boabdil Biopic

(I’m back, after a much-too-long hiatus, and will be posting regularly once more. To re-start Alhambric, I have this little tasty nugget I found while Googling for images of Boabdil.)

You may not know Boabdil (Abu Abdullah Muhammad XII), the last Muslim ruler of Granada, Spain, but hopefully you still remember Antonio Banderas despite a not-so-fresh career these past few years aside from his work in the Shrek franchise. However, with an upcoming appearance in both Woody Allen and Steven Soderbegh’s next films, Banderas’ future is looking up and now ScreenDaily reports (via The Playlist) that he will produce, write and direct a biopic on Boabdil. Banderas has also given himself a decent supporting role in this as General Gonzalo de Cordoba, who captured the kingdom for the Christians.

Link: http://www.firstshowing.net/2010/02/25/antonio-banderas-to-star-in-write-and-direct-a-boabdil-biopic/#ixzz0xlrYphYs