Do We Need to Hit Bottom Before Rising Back to the Top? (by Laura Catana)

As an American living outside of the country, I hung my head in shame on Election Day. Actually, I’ve BEEN hanging my head in shame since Tuesday. Everyone is saying that we shouldn’t be surprised that Trump won, that we should have taken him more seriously — well, forgive me for being hopeful that America wouldn’t be so ignorant, so hateful. Moving forwards, I’m trying to stay hopeful. Maybe its good that we hit rock bottom. Maybe this is what we needed to inspire REAL change.



Seeing all the posts of hateful graffiti that emerged in the days following the election has made me sick to my stomach. I know that these sentiments are nothing new, and that our fellow POC and LGBTQ communities have been dealing with hate since forever.  But that these hateful Americans feel like they are able to openly express their hateful and bigoted opinions, from the examples that Trump has set, is frightening. That there is so much hate in the world, in our country, is frightening. But you know what — it’s good to open our eyes. To step outside of our liberal bubble and realize that yes, we have a lot of work to do as a nation.

I don’t live in the U.S. at the moment, but I want to be involved. This is the first time in my life that I’ve felt the pull to get involved in politics, because now its personal. My adopted brother could get deported. My gay, Muslim and POC friends feel afraid. I am worried about the future of my reproductive health and freedoms in my country. But mostly, I cannot stomach being from a country that so actively and openly promotes hate. I won’t accept it. I look now to my friends, to my fellow Americans, and I want to know -what can we do? How will we organize ourselves to help teach our country that Love Trumps Hate?

One thought on “Do We Need to Hit Bottom Before Rising Back to the Top? (by Laura Catana)

  1. I want to place several exclamation points after Laura’s observation that “it’s good to open our eyes.” Yes, absolutely, eyes wide open is a critical survival technique in our Age. Sound reality testing, calling a spade a spade, seeing Reality for what it is is so crucial, as Laura argues. We can’t really respond optimally to a problem unless we understand what the problem actually looks like and what its root cause is. To do this requires eyes wide open; nothing’s better. So, don’t take your eyes off of this Neanderthal and the scary people he’s gonna surround himself with. Acknowledge all the dog whistling (and worse). Decode it. Broadcast it. Refute it. Fight it with good old-fashioned, progressive counter-action. It’s gonna be a very tough four years, Kids.

    -Papa Bizzle out

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