A Heterosexual Male Uber-Feminist: are there more of us out there? (by J. Brenner)

I can’t possible be the only hetero male in America that not only supported but really liked and got behind Hillary Clinton.  Yes, I’m that guy.  What is so horrible about Hillary?  Seriously, and I don’t want to hear “I just don’t like her,” what is so terrible about this incredibly accomplished woman?  She is a fucking American hero.  I mean for reals.  She is Lady Liberty!  Make a few bucks giving corporate speeches?  Hey guess what you self-righteous peeps: a lot of thinkers and/or speakers you love are making BANK talking to corporations.  I don’t need to tell you.  And I don’t want to, or care to.  Because just getting paid for speaking to a company DOESN’T MAKE YOU EVIL!  You know what else doesn’t make you evil?  Sending a handful of irrelevant emails through a private server.  Hillary sold out our country!  Really?  It seems like we were doing pretty well in terms of foreign policy until about ten days ago.  Barack and Michelle Obama were not lying: Hillary Clinton was the most prepared, qualified and effective presidential candidate of ANY party that we’ve EVER had.  And if you can’t see that, than you are living in a political fantasy that is part of the problem and NOT the solution.

image011.jpgIt’s not just that I’m ready for Hillary.  And it’s not just that I’m ready for a female president.  I AM READY FOR MORE – A LOT MORE – FEMALE LEADERSHIP IN THIS COUNTRY.

Women are more socially adept.  Women are better working in large, cooperative groups.  Women can be competitive against other companies while still being incredibly inclusive within their own organizations.  Women have a much high EIQ: Emotional Intelligence Quotient.  Women have a higher social IQ.  Women have a great understanding of stakes, at all ages, being always aware of the place children play in our lives, even while supposedly brave (i.e. cowardly) men can/do run away from difficult family situations.

Millions of years of evolutionary biology among mammals reveal few examples of females as equals, not to mention superiors, among mammalian species, including (and especially) most primate species.  And yet, our survival as a species homo sapiens SPECIFICALLY REQUIRE that females save all of us from ourselves with care, with subtlety, and with love.

I am not done with this, but this is where I’m going.

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