SNEAK PEAK: “Obi-Wan & Ahsoka: A World Beyond Worlds” by Jesse aka The Bizzle

SNEAK PEAK: “Obi-Wan & Ahsoka: A World Beyond Worlds” by Jesse aka The Bizzle

Hey BizzleCast fans: here is an exclusive Sneak Peak at my Star Wars new canon book I’m working on, tentatively entitled “Obi-Wan & Ahsoka: A World Beyond Worlds.” I really hope you enjoy it, and all feedback is very much appreciated. Thanks fam!

Obi-Wan & Ahsoka: A World Beyond Worlds

by Jesse F. Brenner


Obi-Wan was sweating.

The fever hadn’t abated in weeks, seemed liked months. Being a proud Jedi – once proud? – his instinct was initially to ignore it and try and power through it. But as his temperature grew, his Force abilities became nearly impossible to access, and his self-healing capabilities became inaccessible.

Soup broth and water, that became his life. It was about all he could keep down. And it wasn’t exactly easy to get a lot of water on Tatooine. Obi-Wan chuckled into a pathetic cough at how stupidly obvious this was, having narrowly escaped Tuskens and worse in his ten year-and-counting “watch” over the hidden child of Anakin Skywalker, now known as the terrifying and evil Lord Darth Vader, apprentice and slave of the Emperor himself. Obi-Wan’s instinct was to spit in disgust, but no saliva was to be found.

It’s fascinating how the randomness of life inexorably forces one to reexamine one’s circumstances and purpose, pondered Obi-Wan. Before the illness struck, Obi-Wan had already begun to experience a combination of complacence and unsureness about his mission. Luke still had many years to grow before Obi-Wan could even begin to assess whether the son of the supposed Chosen One could be chosen himself to balance and hopefully defeat his father as the Skywalker of the light side. But now that “Old Ben” was living up to his otherwise inaccurate nickname and had been sidelined against his will by nature, he actually felt a renewed vigor about the importance of the mission. More likely, it was actually a combination of guilt and the helplessness of paralysis, but crisis in life can become an opportunity for an individual to evolve themselves and make the important choices ahead of them in a way that hadn’t been previously revealed. Hate may lead to suffering, but suffering can lead to clarity and wisdom. Obi-Wan wondered what Master Yoda would think of that notion.

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